PS3 Pricing in Karachi


Hey there guys, just wondering does anyone know what the latest pricing of (legitimate, with warranty) 80GB PS3 units are here in Karachi? I assume most of the units sold here are non-Region-1 units, and thus the games have to be either bought locally or in the Middle East. Are Region-1 titles readily available here?

I am trying to decide between just bringing one across from North America and or purchasing one locally.


First of all the PS3 is region free. Any region games can be played on any region console so you dont have to worry about region issues. You can buy a game in america and play it in a console in europe.. Its gonna work. So the region is not an issue.

As for the price, i am not sure about it but i bought my PS3 60 gb with warranty from Sony Center in Islamabad when i visited islamabad last year. It was then 42,000 RS.. Im sure the prices have come down now. If you're going to buy from the Sony Center you are going to get warranty but you'll be paying like 5000rs more for the console then you would if you would buy from somewhere else.

I think the price right now for the PS3 80 GB is 38,000-40000. Im not exactly sure about the price, its just an estimate.


i dotn think ps3 is region free anymore. i bought a bluray movie for ps3 and it was region locked.

did a little serach on google and red somewhere that ps3 is regional locked for movies and will be soon for games as well. :(


Yeah movies are region locked.. Games are not..

And i dont think they would region lock games in the future too. I mean that would be a step backwards.. Plus with PS3 not selling so well Sony really cannot afford to take stuff out from the console and make it worse.


Thanks guys, will stop by the Sony Style store today and check it out.


You can check the updated console prices from


i went to imperial Market Rawalpindi today.

they're selling the 40GB PS3 for 32,500rs. may be over charging.


How much PS3 games cost?


^ 2500-3500 per game?.... somewhere along that line


Well most of the good games are around 4000. GTA4 is 4000 at saddar these days.. May be a little cheaper now though. When it was released they were charging around 4500 i believe. Anyway you will end up paying 3000-4500 per game for PS3. If its a really old crappy game you might get it for 2500 or something but most of the good games are above 3500+


Took a quick trip out to clifton centre and asked around, the rates that are going around are:

40GB = 31,500 to 32,500

80GB = 40,000

I am going to end up just bringing one from North America instead since most of the Blu Ray movies I would get would come from there as opposed to Europe or Asia.


I wana buy a 60 GB one but they don't make them anymore so I guess I'll have to find a used one. 60Gb version seems to be the BEST!!


Yeap, 60gb is backwards compatible and has all the features.


you can buy 60GB ps3 and then put in your own 320Gb HDD.:D


Yeah but the problem is that I can't find the damn thing! :S


^ you mean the 60GB version? i think that is rare now. you cant buy it anymore.


Yup, they are very rare! I am again confused between PS3 and XBOX360. Listen guys, can anyone tell me what type of format of pirates games do we have here? Pal? NTSC? I am talking abotu XBOX360, I know PS3 can't be modified.


^ ok X360 pirated games are mostly region free but sometimes they are not. games are mostly from NTSC region as they are usually released in USA earlier than Eu and JAP. go for NTSC console.

cricket game is never released in NTSC, so the last game was not region free and it was only for PAL consoles. :lol:


Yeah.. around 50-60% of the games are region free but quite a few are not region free. My X360 was american.. i dont know if that means its Pal or Ntsc? Anyway the pirated games that i bought here, quite alot of them didnt work.. Games like Forza 2 which was one game i really really wanted to play didnt work.. neither did any fifa or Euro or world cup games worked on my console.. I dont remember which exact region it was though.


Oh sheeshh!! Xbox's controller looks very weird though!

Another question... if I sell my Xbox a couple of months from now, how much would I be able to recover? Any idea?