ps2 slim or Fat

I want to buy a PS2 console for my younger brother i want to know which version is good slim one or the fat one ?

Both are same.

But in my personal opinion the slim Ps2 is better than the fat Ps2 because it looks cooler and takes less space.

^New ps2 in Fat aren't available anymore, you will only find 2nd hand in fat version, and slim one is better. now you don't even need an external adapter for slim ps2. its built-in.


I say PS2 slim is better then PS2 fat because PS2 slim features 90000 series lens where as PS2 fat features 50000 series lens and PS2 slim can play every game but PS2 fat make errors in some games LIKE DRAGONBALLZ BUDOKAI TENKAICHI.I say you go for PS2 slim and I am sure you will enjoy because I owned every single console and To MUCH EXPERIENCED