PS2 for sale

Playstaion 2 for sale...

condition is perfect except some white line on cover.dont know how it got there. original controller is fine except the broken left analog. it is free as in keeps on moving so opened the controller and took the analog stick out but the red light got loose and broke and now its lost. except that its perfect. only used 1 month. the second controler is usual... bought from game shop is fine except one day it suddenly stoped working. the problem was with wire. i rotated it and taped it. its perfect now except that the x,o etc colors are gone. 2nd controller piks will be posted. all other judge by piks. piks are full size so use the original link to watch in full res.

all usual with one extra controller and brand new mem card. full price charged of mem card.

7000 not negotiable.

only Lahore.

call 5772017 for more info and to buy.



















7000 with broken things hmmm new is around 8000 to 9000

4000 my offer.

nice to bring this new thing in. here in lahore. new is 10500, new mem card 800 or more. new controller 1500 or more. why dont you buy tht then? and 4000 wow. my ps2 is as new as it can be. its the console tht matters not controllers. my demand is 7000 and will stay.

then you should take your stuffs and just sell console to me in 3000

ha! go buy it from some shop. lets see how much your 3000 can get you.

dude what do you think its impossible i told you new one is around 8k and its price dropping 2 months ago i bought a console of ps2 with 60 ps2 games in 3500 and it was in excellent condition and its still fine i am looking for another console fat one

where do you live. afghanistan or something? i live in lahore. and dealers here are not so good afterall.

rawalpindi bro obviously t is in pakistan

thanks for wasting my time.