PS 3 Games in Pakistan

I am planning to buy a Playstation 3 soon.

but i wonder how can i play games.

i dont want modification, i mean i dont wanna play pirated games

so how can i get a original CD of PS3 games in Karachi and what will be the price of 1 game????

and do the PS3 modification is done until yet...... does it playing pirated CDs ?????

i just wanna know what are the standards are set for PS 3 in Pakistan.

meanwhile if we buy a original cd then will it be available and at what price.

anyone plz tell me .......

sorry for bad english

You can get it from any local gaming store, and don't worry you won't have to mod it. It can't be modded. Each game will cost you more than Rs2500 each. Look son, if you can afford the price get it otherwise take the money else ware and use it on your pc, or buy a 360 or wii since their games are pirated and therefore you can buy it.

If you are stubborn than most people (like me ;)) and you do decide to buy a PS3 then get it through Amazon UK. They have cheap amazing bundles: 1PS3 80GB, 1Free Game, and 1(game for 10P) . But before buying read the thread on PS3 vs 360 in the gaming section to get an insight on why should buy it.

Read my reply as well:


nice reply deffury

i visit your given links for PS3 VS Xbox360 Comparison

but i already know these..... i m a active reader of and, so i m very familiar with consoles.

in computer world i love microsoft

but in consoles i love SONY,,,, so i will go with PS3 in any way.....

second thing is that man it is good to know that PS3 is not hacked yet. becos of that Blue-Ray Rom in it.

thats a anti-piracy thing from Sony :)

developer works so hard to make 1 game, and we throw water on their hard work. when we buy a pirated game.

so i will go with original PS 3 Games...... and i can afford upto 3,000 per game.

by the way i dont have that much money in my pocket rite now. but i will collect it in 2 months.....

thats my spirit for my favourite game and i love to do that.....

i will collect money and buy the Original cd.

but dude sorry to ask you again,,,, give me a clear answer if i wanna buy a Original game of PS3 then will it be available....... in karachi????

i mean i am not believeing that in karachi there are several gaming stores who bought every PS 3 original game just to sale it in 3,000....

i know there are very some peoples of my types,,,, most of peoples go with pirated ones...... so do the local stores support the distribution of Original Games??????????

and one thing more i wanna ask is that can u plz write some lines about the RROD problem of Xbox 360..... i just wanna know that for my knowledge...... i never read about that problem except in this forum......

i have some friend on gamespot and ign and believe me their 360 is working fine no RROD problem.....

so plz can you explain little bit about the RROD problem of 360

Thanx dude :)

sorry for my bad english

^ Not at all, no problem at all, nope none that I know of, I think. Ha Ha

Anyways. The shops at schoen circle or the clifton underpass get new games pretty quickly in a month or two after release of game. You could also go to the electronics market in sadar, however I wouldn't recommend it as there are too many pick pocketers, and mobile snatchers there, go there if you have a entourage with ya.

If you have a relative living in the uk or the US then buy it via Amazon, send it to their place, and when someone is coming back to Pakiland, you grab the games by the airport, leave everyone behind, run for the car and go home, lock your doors, and play all throughout the week. Its a cheaper solution, and one that works for many.

As for the RROD (Red Ring Of Death), its much like the Microsofts other famous BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death). I can't explain as I don't own a 360. Go ahead and wiki 360, there is column where they have described the RROD problem. You could also go to, they give you plenty insight on gaming in Pakiland.

@onlyeuro check this link:

games for PS3 can easily be found provided u are ready to spend money..


Explanation why RROD occurs:


By Norm Scott

Taken from



my issue is solved..... now i m ready to buy a PS 3 .....

by the way i hate amazon method..... its better to buy PS3 from a legal SONY dealer in karachi ..... one of them is in Techno city....

but guyz thanx for ur replies.....

the cd is still more than 3000 rs , modifications ?

No modifications.

Games are usually 2500+ but the price of the game depends on how good the game is and when it was released. Like Metal Gear Solid 4 when it was released the game was being sold for around 6000-7000 rs but after a week the prices came down to around 5000 and slowly they settled to something around 4000. Whenever the games launch, They charge high prices.

And games are available as soon as they are launched.. Sometimes the games are availible even before the game is launched !!! Saddar usually gets the games pretty quickly only a couple of days after release.

Also, If you dont want to spend so much money on one game, You can exchange your ps3 games and buy a new game.. So lets say i finished Metal Gear Solid 4, I can give my MGS4 copy to the shop and pay around 500-1000 extra and get a new game. Ofcourse the deal depends on how well you can bargain.


But i dont think we can order PS3 from amazon.. Amazon doesnt ship electronics to paksitan.. I think.. am i right?


I would suggest that you buy PS3 from Sony's official center and get warranty for your PS3. There is usually an year's warranty for your PS3. You can get the PS3 cheap though without warranty if you want from other shops.

Oh and i'd like to suggest to you.. Its a website about gaming in pakistan. You will find all the information about PS3, Xbox, Wii all the consoles there.. You can also buy stuff there from other members of PakGamers using the trading section.