Project natal with modded console!

will NATAL work with the modded console?

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Probably as it is not related to the internet. Natal is supposed to work without internet, I don't see a connection between the two but there is no way for us to know for sure.

well I am using PSP internet browser so I am sorry for mixed english.If I remember the E3 microsoft said that Natal will require an update to support games and update will only be available via Xbox Live.

Then take your modded console online and download the update !.. They dont ban you unless they are searching for modded consoles at the time you take your console online.


Buy a non modified console, Take it online and update it (or buy an already updated unmodified console) and THEN get it modified.


I know but they dont search for consoles and all games will need an update and to update insert the game disk and connect to live and update the game.

Natal is just an accessory, like a gamepad, or a camera. The main thing is the OS. If you bypass the OS then you can bypass any of its accessories.

I dont think you need to update EVERY game.

Ya Microsoft said all games will have an update.