Professional A/C Installation (at home)

Salams everyone. I just got a Mr. Slim (from Makro) so did not get installation services with it. Now when I'm looking for installation guys, I'm realizing that so far none of them actually know what they're doing. A quick look at the installation guide (that came with the A/C) is pretty simple and if one has all the tools, it's pretty easy. Just requires some conceptual understanding and "non jugar" mentality.

So can anyone guide me to a professional A/C installer? Someone who can do the following:

- Vacuuming the refrigerant pipes before turning the unit on

- Proper drills used for making holes (instead of chhainy/hatora only)

- Clean finishing (using white cement or plaster of paris to close the holes, etc.)

- Has installed Mitsubishi Mr. Slim earlier


A. Moiz

Where do you live?

Moiz, i also got a 1.5 ton Split at Makro in Karachi. To my understanding the A/C needs to be installed by Mitsubishi Installers for the warranty to be in effect. I know it sounds fishy buy Makro provided a number and I ended up calling them and having them install the A/C. They were kind on expensive. They charged Rs 3500 includig the copper tubing and the metal brackets. I also had to buy the electrical cable and none is included for another Rs 500/=. In the end i really did not want to loose my warranty and this was the only reason i used them.