Problem with Windows Mail


Hello there,

I've recently started using Windows Mail that came preinstalled with my copy of Vista. I set it up using Gmail's pop 3 for my gmail account. now i can connect and download files easily and i think i'll be able to send emails successfuly alos caz the configuration is allright.

The only problem is, my inbox has like 200-300 MBs of emails (+attachments), since i've got a slow connection and i cant just leave it connected for Hours to download all the mails at once (caz this vPTCL sh1t costs 7+ rs/hour), so i decided to download the olders mails in chunks (i dont need the older mails i just want the new ones but i dont know how to get those only, so for now i let it download all the mails the prog wishes) ...

the problem is, say i have 500 emails in my inbox, and windows mail has downloaded about the first 100 of them (in oldest to newest order), then if i disconnect and at some later stage, connect internet and then go to TOOLS > receive all, it'll download starting DOWNLOADING ALL THE MAILS FROM start, and the windows mail window now has multiple copies of all the older mails. i want this thing to resume downloading from where it stopped earleir, or to download the mails that aren't already downloaded, how can i achieve this?

help plz.


Use the IMAP protocol instead of POP3. Downloading all these emails when you don't need them all is infeasible.


Windows mail will download email headers only when using IMAP instead of POP3 (where it downloads all mails completely).


Try this. Go into your gmail account and go into settings. There select "Forwarding and POP/IMAP." tab.

In this tab select "Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on" in the "POP Download" box.

Hopefully this should solve your problem for now.


even if use IMAP, wont the header for each mail will be downloaded everytime i turn on windows. or will be problem go away? i am currently tinkering with IMAP settings so will post if i succeed.


UPDATE: just tried to receive mails again, after last time when i enabled imap. i am getting multiple copies of already downloaded emails again, even with IMAP ... what can i do? i dont want to set some option that'll delete the emails from my online inbox when i download those onto my pc. any suggestions, guys?