Problem with torrents

hello All

I have recently installed the DSL (1mbps) service, it seems to be working OK as of now, but I'm getting real low speeds while downloading torrents. While I'm getting 80-90 KB/s on a http or ftp download, I just get 13-24 KB/s on a torrent download that has 20,000+ seeders ( the latest episode of "lost", for example ). Does anyone have a clue as to what might the problem be?


You probably havent forwarded the ports yet, go to for assistance

I have forwarded the port that Utorrent is using. Utorrent indicates that there are no problems with my connection. I'm sorry that I forgot to mention this point in my first post. No idea as to where the problem lies :(

speed doesn't matter if you got 20,000 seeders coz its possible there are 40,000 leechers.

try downloading something which got superior ratio of seeder to leechers.

for example try this and see what kind of speed you get

@ kratos24:

well I tried the same torrent (the one with 20,000 seeders) at my office and it gave me blazing speeds (around 265 KB/s).... Anyway, I will try the torrent in your link and will post the results here.



your problem is very repeaty.

first of all forward the port correctly. both for TCP and UDP.

then see the number of leechers and seeders.

1- if leechers are few, and seeders are so many

2- ports are fowarded correctly.

if above those 2 conditions met then ui should get your full connection speed in downloading any torrent.

do that and reply.

by the way.check this

Enter the forwarded port on that and check wheaher its open or not.

hope this resolves ur problem.