Problem with external HDD

Guys my external HDD has gone corrupt. I m unable to open any partition of the HDD. Whenever i try to open a partition, i get this message: :(


The file system of all the partitions has changed from NTFS to RAW. :(


The HDD contains many important documents and my complete music collection. :( I don't want to loose any file on it.

Please please help me and let me know that how i can recover the data on the HDD.

Use either file recovery software or a partition recovery software like testdisk (google it).

I tried to recover the files using EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard, but the processing stops after scaning like 25-30% files on the selected partition. :(

I m very much upset and disturbed by this. I can't afford to loose any file on the HDD. So, please suggest me a good data recovery method by acting upon which i can recover the files from my external HDD. Please guys help me...


Please guys, i need urgent help.

Buy another HDD.

I am selling 80 GB if interested PM me.

Yaar i m not interested at all in buying a new HDD, rather i want to recover my data, which is much more precious than the HDD itself.

If anyone can help me out in recovering my files on it, i shall b really grateful to him/her.

BTW i was expecting good response from the forum members, but unfortunately no one seems willing to help me out. :(

If you are not able to recover using ONE recovery software, you can always try OTHERS. Or if you are willing to go a bit risky way - be careful - use TestDisk. It will recover your partition table but you have to be careful and actually read the information they have there. Here's the link: (as it appears you would not google it)

In my general observation the external (and internal) HDD is not a good medium to backup your valuable data.



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Yaar i did try testdisk, but it didn't work for me. I also tried several other data recovery softwares, but all in vain.

Yes, Recover My Files is one software that seems to do the job, but the problem is that it will take ages to recover my data, as today i started scanning my USB HDD (160 GB), and after about 5 hours, the scanning process was done appoximately 4-5% only. :(

Can anyone of u recommend me a better data recovery software that can search for the lost files reasonably quick.

I am very much frustrated by all this. Please help me in getting this issue resolved.

Sorry, posted in wrong thread

Try Easy Recovery Professional (Use the RAW recovery option on each previous partition), and also use the manufacturer's Disk Diagnosis/repair tools to fix the errors you can first.

@ Asad-Ahmad:

Thanks a lot for ur valuable sugesstion. I haven't tried Easy Recovery Professional yet, but i'll definitely give it a try.

So far, I am able to recover some of the files using Handy Recovery software, but there is a problem associated with these recovered files and folders. The problem is that these files and folders are appearing with different and mysterious names like "$$folder_5, $$folder_31 etc. All this is making it further troublesome for me to manage the recovered files with such names. Can anyone let me know that why is it so, and is there a way by which I can recover lost files and folders with original names?

^ That is most probably because the software couldn't read the MFT properly or it is damaged. If at the end of recovery or scanning it produces a Log, check if it contains original filename information or try with Easy Recovery, TestDisk or O&O.

If you want to go really hardcore, then find Media Tools Professional or EnCase Forensic.

Now to recover the lost files on my corrupt HDD, I need an equivalent amount of free space on another HDD. My other(internal) HDD will not be able to provide enough storage space for the files to be recovered, so I am forced to buy another HDD for it.

So, now I am planning to buy an external HDD with atleast 500GB storage. I'll be using it with SATA enclosure as an external HDD. Now what I want from you people is to suggest me the HDD which is best in the business these days. I want you to answer the following questions:

1- Should I go for WD or Seagate? and why?

2- Which one is comparatively cheaper?

3- How much will the USB enclosure cost?

4- Is it reliable to use internal HDD with USB enclosure? ; I haven't done this before.

I also want to know one more thing that after recovering the data from corrupt HDD, will I be able to recover my presently corrupt HDD as well? I mean will simple reformatting of the HDD do the trick ya phir kuch aur paparh belne honge? :(

Hello! Anyone?

How much warranty period does Media International offer on HDD purchases?

It is the same 10 months time period as offered by most computer shops?

And how is their after sales service?

If anyone knows answers to these questions then please do let me know.


10 months. They have good after sales service. My dealings with them have been quite satisfactory.

Thanx Asad