Problem with browsers

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No, it wont open. When I click on that, or any other link, the browser says done without even making an effort to load the website(lazy bast@rd). Remember, everything works perfectly fine in safe mode with networking.

Ok that rules out dns related problems. Can you access other internet services? Try to connect to worldcall’s ftp server at with username ‘ftp’ and password ‘share’.

Also try to ping other servers. Go to start>run and type cmd and press enter. At the command prompt type:




Problem solved. Or not... The computer wont start at all. It wont load windows. Restarts before the startup screen. This machine is going to the computer guy. Thank you all for your help.


Can you open

Can you open

If you can open Google but can't open Microsoft then I think your computer is infected with Downadup/Conficker/Kido.

Even if you are not sure, try this test and removal tool for it:

After removal, remember to restart your Windows. Give it a try.

Thanks buddy but my computer is completely fooked. Gonna take it to a computer shop now.