Problem with browsers

Hey all. I've been having this problem with my internet browsers for some time now. Whenever i try to load a page, the browser does not load at all and as soon as click on go, it shows 'done'...without loading anything at all. Iv tried firefox and internet explorer both. Msn seems to be working fine. I am completely baffled as to what is wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

have you tried any other browser tooo instead of firefox/IE ?

i think its your internet problem what kinda connection you are using

Try to check your proxy settings. Clear your proxy settings by going to Tool -> Options ->Connections -> Lan Settings (for IE)

Easy way out may be to uninstall an reinstall networking components in Windows.

check your connector may be its broken if you are using broadband

i had this problem about 3 month ago and it took after 3 weeks to figured it out that was horrible.

No i have not used any other browsers. I am using worldcall broadband with surfboard modem. And humza im not sure what you mean by connector. I replaced the LAN wire. Did not help.

^ i am talking about the thing attached to the cable which you insert in the ethernet card in your pc

i am sure it is called connector

Alright. I think the connector is not the problem. I replaced the wire and the problem remained. How did your fix it when it happened to you? Oh and msn isn't working now.

my isp checked whole line if there may be any damage but no then i reinstall my precious windows that may be some viruses but no then i just give up and after 1 month they came to my house to check my laptop and found out that it was connector which is causing trouble and they replaced it with new on

they told me that i stepped up on the connector so much :P that its one metal pin was broken

Aaah fixed it! It was a virus or something.

Did you reinstall windows? BTW you should get Ubuntu Linux from , they deliver it completely free to your doorstep. It saves alot of hassle for people reinstalling Windows and want to backup data onto a flash drive or just want to browse web without any virus/bugs hassles. Basically it's good for a secondary operating system and easy enough to be setup by a noob, however using/configuring it is a whole other story. Any problems you have regarding Ubuntu(which I'm pretty sure you will if you use it a lot), you can post online on these forums or google it and you'll find the answer.

No, I somehow updated AVG and scanned my computer(scan without updating didnt fix the problem). It picked up some viruses which I removed.

About Ubuntu, I'm not so you said, configuring it could be a pain. Maybe I should first try finding someone who already has Ubuntu installed on his PC.

Hi Rabee...

If your problem get solved, please post here because since last one month I am also facing the same problem.

@rabee: You can use Ubuntu Linux without installing it or making any change to your computer or your OSes. You can boot it and use internet from the CD and also backup data, so for basic use it's not that difficult.

Delete Cookies and reinstall firefox from fresh download

it happenes with several reasons , also clear the DNS cache too from command prompt.

I think it's a virus. I have the same problem again and last time I solved it by running AVG and cleaning up my computer(same thing won't work again). It can not be firefox because I'm having the same problem with internet explorer.

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I think it’s a virus. I have the same problem again and last time I solved it by running AVG and cleaning up my computer(same thing won’t work again). It can not be firefox because I’m having the same problem with internet explorer.

What happens if you go to Does that site load?

No, it wont open. When I click on that, or any other link, the browser says done without even making an effort to load the website(lazy bast@rd). Remember, everything works perfectly fine in safe mode with networking.