Problem Resolved


Sry error in my part.


see same problems like others :D

i think there packages are

Unlimited = 30GB

12 GB =4 GB :P


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suddenly my internet stop workings

it says if you are existing customer you have cross ur limit or didnt pay bill?

i pay the bill and my download bandwith is 4gb out of my 12gb package?


wht? explain


Well i logged into my qubee acount, its say that the bill ahs been partially payed? is this the reason why my internet has been suspended?


physx I replied your email as well.

-it's resolved- , agreed?


bro sorry error in my part. thnx for helping kashif bhai


I m glad that your Problem is being resolved ;)

Thanks for the Help Kashif Bro


physx..................RealOmi *hugs* *smiles* *winks*