Problem Installing Ubunto

Hey.after lots of encourigin by members of wired pakistan. I iwent to a local shop here in karachi, because of slow internet connection i couldn download it from internet.hmmmm so thing is i was so excited that after using xp for so much years i never loved it. And read the post in wired pakistan by KO, encouraged me more to go for Linux. So here is my story completely diffrent from KO.

Got the DVD< written Kubuntu 10.7 i386 I dont know what does that mean. I booted it from my machine. Yuu huu i got dis. Install. I clicked it suddenly a logo came in front of me as i installed my xp so much times i knew there will be some user freindly optioons to select. Any ways that logo was moving for like 10 minutes. After that linux was loading. I was like ohh my god. installed??? hurray... but what the hell i couldnt use anything. then i noticed that it is just giving me a look of ubunto and i have to click that install button right in fron of desktop. Any ways i clicked after some questioning it came up with some partitions. Like we have in xp C and D and all it was something diffrent. I dint know which partition to select coz i had some imported files in my D dive. Well i took the risk. cliked the 2nd partition and cliked do not use it. then i cliked the 1 partition and cliked so many time the continue button but it was asking some root directories. I was like what the hell i have to do?? with no help or anything. I just deleted my first partition and it was ok.. well installation started.and hell it was stoped on 40 % since then my pc is down. i broke the ubunto cd. today is sunday im not finding any other cd. And writtin this post from my freinds computer. hell im dead. Ubuntu ruined my time and my pc too. I just hope my files are saved.

PS. Will somebody download ubuntoo from internet for me. I will pay the shiping and other charges.

PS i i will not be available to see your replies on this matter. Going home so that i can install xp again but iwnted linix (-

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I was like what the hell i have to do??

Story of a ‘Linux’ life. :D:P

Root directory, to break it down; is the place where you put your OS files. It is like C drive for Windows. If you don’t specify a root partition (denoted by ‘/’ - backward slash), Linux can’t be installed.

Please use the Linux thread linked below for any more Linux issues:

You broke the CD when you faced this small hurdle. Take care not to break your head when you bang it against your desk on facing even bigger issues once it actually gets installed. ;)