Prize Bond

I have very simple query , if 1st & 2nd prizes do really exist ??? Actually I have won 3rd prize plenty of time for almost all denominations . Rather than the encouragement i have started to believe that 2nd & 3rd prizes don't exist actually for Its hard to convince myself that in every other draw I win a 3rd prize is just a coincidence lolz ... Have any of you ever been lucky to win the 1st or 2nd prize ... ???? :)

^ :( how many bond you purchase?

I mostly purchase two denominations 750 & 1500 , right now I have about 400 plus 750RS-Bonds & about 300 plus 1500Rs bonds .

I do have other denominations as well but not in significant number i.e about 15 of 7500Rs bonds , 5 of 4000Rs bonds etc

each year I win couple of 3rd prizes moslty of 750 & 1500 Rs bonds but never happend to be lucky for 1st or 2nd prizes of any denomination ....

and what makes me more doubtful is , during Bonds encashment in statebank I never came across any 1st or 2nd prize winner , after having been in the same business for 6 to 7 years I have come to conclusion that 1st & 2nd prizes dont really exist ... thats just the part of marketing policy .

thats what I have come to believe now .... I may or may not be wrong :) !

Nice information

No actually i have a bond and i TAKE to state bank but they said that it is claimed so how it is possible.

Kia prize bond jo 1994 me khula hai ab 2018 me claim ho sakta hai

yes bro definately check here for knowing about prize bonds :