Printing books in digital format?

Are there any printing press or similar printing shops that can print books offered in digital format such as in PDF, or DOC (perhaps in a USB disk)? And do the binding work too?

I'm looking for one in Rawalpindi/Islamabad but I haven't found one yet.

Burn it on USB/CD and take it to any normal stationery shop that has computer and a printer. He'll charge you for the paper and the ink. You'll be able to bargain because you have a bulk order. It won't be cheaper than buying the book or getting it printed from proper printing press.

I would print it at home but I have a normal deskjet printer so it will cost me a lot. I will try at a stationery shop I guess, but I'm still looking for more suggestions :D

i printed some downloaded books a few months earlier on my laser printer. and took it to local book binder and got them binded. if u dont have any laser printer then u can lend from any friend who has laser printer. it was not much price as the books were rare to find in the local market. u can also do the same if these books are worth it.

think twice current 2008 published might get you cheaper since its retail lets say 2000 rupees

for something published 2004 and back it ain't worth it since the real ones end up in used book sellers all across pakistan anyway for 200 to 300 rupees, its good idea to keep good relations with used book sellers to keep eye on titles you are looking for.

^ These books aren't available locally so I that's not a problem.

^ then you best bet it this what i have done in the past for two books downloaded pdf

a> i printed them out myself in inkjet printer with desi ink refills 352 pages ink costed me about 135 rupees with medium draft quality printing at 300dpi X 300dpi (cost may be higher if you are using books with lots of picture)

b> always print odds first then evens in this ways you'll print both side of single sheet so 352 pages are actualy 126 sheets only.

c> never use regular 20 pound press computer paper available normally even though it is very high quality but its very thick so your 250 pages book would be as think as encyclopedia, instead i used local paper half the thickness of the normal paper for about 120 rupees for 400 pages rim.

d> after you have printed and collated then go to local book store and have it binded using comb binding, price varies i paid 80 rupees for that.


And if ur very much into ebook printed business, then buy a dot matrix and some good quality earplugs

yaar but an ebook reader and forget about printing!

if you don't want to print try one of these

Also, try FinePrint software. It allows you to print multiple, say two pages, on one side of the page, and arranges the layout so that it would look like a proper book when cut and bound.

Call me old school but I like printed paper over e-books and even Kindle isn't as good as paper.

^ Thanks for the software but my deskjet printer does have an option to print on both sides of a page.

dude got saddar pindi.. get laser printer.. 5k-6k ....lots of used ones r there..refill ink and get it printed..deskjet wont do any help.. i did many but sarkari khata on laser ..laser is laser..