Primary Hard Disk Error

Whenever I start my PC, I get a beep sound and get an error saying

"Primary Hard Disk Error..Press F1 to resume"

When I get into the boot setup of my PC, It shows me the name of my HD Fireball

How can I fix it?

Try this,go to setup, select Default Settings then press enter, finally Save Settings and restart.

I have tried it but m still getting the error

Last tym b4 dis error, I was using MAGIX, when suddenly, I got a blue screen saying "Dumping Physical Memory"


Looks like you ruin data your HDD. Try to put your HDD in another computer as a slave.

If you still can't read data from it then, while keeping it as slave, try to Quick Format it and recover files using recovery software (but get recovery software before formatting).

If all else fails then delete old partitions, create new partitions and do full format (non-quick).

If that fails too then congratulate yourself, you successfully brick your HDD. You can use it to do bicep exercise or throw it on some wild street dogs (who annoy you while you are trying to sleep at night). :P



or u can get ur pair of super strong rare earth magnets from it.......