Price check for Nokia 5610

I have a nokia 5610 and the warranty expired a few months ago.. Its used 1 year and 3-4 months and the condition is average.. I have all the packaging and everything of the mobile.

Anyway im not selling it here, Just want to get an idea of what money i can get for this mobile.. And also whats the best place to sell mobiles in karachi?

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And also whats the best place to sell mobiles in karachi?

You mean on the internet? (Cell Phones - Accessories section).

No i meant in like a location in karachi.

I think you thread title and the nature of your requirement are not matching.

you can still ask for the offers in the Buy/Sell forums to have an idea about even if you dont want to sell it here. I guess. but now it's not time to move it there.

and best place is nothing. if you sell in any of the market place they will give you the rate less than that they think they would sale it on.

^^ yeah i thought the buy/sell place is for buying and selling and not for Price Checks :P..

Anyway any idea of the approximate amount i can get for selling this set? The new one is going for around 17-18k these days i think.

^No!!! it is really the thing you thought. that exactly is not for getting offers only.

I am not going in details any way

i think new one isnt available anymore.....u wil get round abt 9k