President's Site

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is it possible to get data from that old site?

Musharraf did started some large scale construction projects. Now, being an engineer i want to have a look on the completion status of those Projects.


Did not find any projects detail on mushi websit.

guys try the folder

oh wait they removed it since Mushi is no more....

cool, that website right now looks like beign designed by an 8yr old kid , doing his first HTML assignment.

lol @ 1st page saying 'Muhammadmian' ...even the president's name is f*ed up there. way to go!

Mush is Back with a vengeance ,

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Mush is Back with a vengeance ,



Previous site was great although unfinished. Now expired.

Current is very loose temporary work by some secretary to president. will expire on 6th September.

Future one is likely to carry 'swiss' theme with red/black/green colors and photos of ^**(%#$%#@$!@#$#$%10%@#10%$#90%%$100% everywhere.

wat a rubbish , there is no site , it is not opening

Finally returns. But all I got to say is:

'Like president, like site'.

It looks an extremely noobish 1998 style web page rather than a professional work for the most powerful man of the country.

Musharraf spent some money on getting his site designed

even I can make a better site and i don't know any html or css

Just what we need at this time. I wonder if they let general Pakistani people comment too :)

^if they let the people comment, neither this website nor the president could sustain further :)