any body can tell me.... i want to present one slide show on power point....

the thing i wanna ask that..... i have wrritten text so is there any program or button inside that ... the text automatic read by comptuer in sound on speakers ???

I cant understand you, can you explain that?

Not through Powerpoint. You'll have to get the text recorded, then play it as a part of the animation sequence.

I suggest you don't use Windows to speak the text; I'd rather you speak it and record it simultaneously. Windows speaks awful ;)

Ok, on a similar note, I have a question to ask.

I am a bit quite handy and innovative with Power Point and making presentations. Can somebody tell me if somehow I can benefit from it? Monetarily maybe?

^ You can sell your presentations to me. I'll pay 10 paisas per presentation (1 rupee for 10 presentations). ;)


you wont need to pay for slides. check this site out man.