Power Supply problem!

Asalamualikum all!!!

I want 2 knw tht some shopkeepers says tht if u want 2 use 9600GT 512Mb then u wil need branded water cooling supply....i hav Chinese supply max worth of 800Rs which is 400Watt written on it,bt i knw its 280 approx watt...should I hav 2 change my supply or not...

I highly recommend using a branded powersupply.

9600gt requires a 6pin power connector and u wont find it in a chinese psu....so ur shopkeeper is rite :)

I wouldnt risk SLI with a cheap PSU.

so which one supply i hav 2 choose & hw mch cost it wil be????????

you can get 460w coolermaster psu worth 3500rs from galaxy

he wants to use 2 cards on cross fire or sli

so u need a minimum of 600 watts of power supply for best and safe working...

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he wants to use 2 cards on cross fire or sli

so u need a minimum of 600 watts of power supply for best and safe working…


actually only one card. he said “2” instead of “to”. thats why you mistaking it.

and as h4tEbr33d said 460W is must. i know from experience that your current psu gonna fry your graphic card.

here. this is the psu available at galaxy at 3400 Rs.


ya sorry i just used 2 instead of 'to',so tell me whr is this galaxy shop or somethn????


go there and you can find all about them on contacts page (phone no, email, their address from all cities where they are located)

do they have an outlet in isb as well??

yup but not with the name of galaxy. they called media international

Islamabad: Media International Phone: 051-2206002

Rawalpindi: Media International Phone: 051-5563780

check this thread


but if there is price difference from Galaxy, then what worth these Media International shops are?

so i hav decided tht INSHALLAH i wil purchase 9600 GSO,so i hop i dont need branded power supply for this ,my chinese supply wil support it...rite?????

^hmmm... maybe.

but does your power supply have 6-pin power connector?

like this.


na i dont thnk so

if not u can always get a 4 to 6pin converter

if you are in Lahore or Karachi or living near, take your cpu to shop (galaxy knows a lot about these kind of stuff) and ask them about it. they will insert the card and check if it works or not.

as poton12 said you can use 4 to 6 pin molex converter but most of the time that fails like. i have this instructions card which says its a bad connection and is not recommended.

i have got an idea, let me do a little research.

ok here the deal..............

this card is really good and it doesn't need 6-pin connector. available at galaxy at 8600 Rs.



check out some reviews. it almost at the same level as 9600GT at some bench marks.



this review is for 512MB but the card at galaxy is 1GB.


crysis on this card.