&*^% Power load shedding


there had never been gas loadshedding or even pressure drop in my area EVER before either.. but this year it happened.. still better than surrounding areas where gas was total off.. atleast there was a little flame from stoves, which could just barely keep on..


let's start a thread on gas load shedding now :D


Nope we dont face gas outages at all in KPK.

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^ then I think your gas is coming from Russia


%4#)^& power load shedding after every hour <_< tf is going on...........


Whole country is facing this crisis at the moment,extreme outages without any obvious reason perhaps they are looting the money which was being invested on electricity by former Government..remember this takla SOB used to say " Bijla kay bohran par hum kabo pa laingay jab hokomat mai aingay" he is the PM now , wtf is wrong now? Wasnt zardari better than this kachalo mf

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^ Instead of spouting nonsense, how about you wait a bit longer and tough it out a little bit. I have no soft spot for any of the parties here, but they've already made Railway a profitable organization once again. Wasn't long ago that Railways didn't even had funds to replenish their Diesel supply and less than 100 engines were in working condition. Now, within first quarter of 2014, they've earned a profit of 2 Billion & 93 Million PKR (you can check and confirm this from anywhere in news and other sources). Especially considering that the logistic shipments from Karachi to rest of the country were sent via only 1 cargo engine, now they're running 5 everyday and target is set for doubling that number by the end of 2014.

Ofcourse there are still many more severe problems to be solved and improved. But it requires time to amend the messes we've created for ourselves for the last 67 years :rolleyes:

Ofcourse, its easy to just sit on your laurel and cry over spilled milk, while bashing others for your own shortcomings. Perfect example of a typical Pakistani citizen :)

EDIT: Just to be clear, I voted for PTI in these elections, and I've come to realize that none of these parties deserve a single vote whatsoever. Democracy is a complete failure in Pakistan. Yahan log kaam hi nahi karnay detay, whenever there's a project which is overall beneficial for the entire country. Absolutely hate those people with a vengeance who do provincial politics Bullshit.


whatever pm nawaz promised before elections now doing apposite to it...

Guys we're fooled again for 5 years


After elections, I had wished they appointed Saad Rafique as minister for energy (electricity etc). That guy has determination, skill, guts and honesty needed to bring major change (as he is showing in Railways). Mr. Asif aka "Jo hai" is just ... not the MAN, I guess.


JDk , move a bit from Lahore , visit the places beyond manshera ,balakot ,people are surviving without electricity for weeks ,i was in Bisham city for one week and i was without electricity for four days on confirming from people they said its usual for us , i dont give a flying duck what you think and whats our current financial position , we were beggers we are beggers and we will be..its raining in Abbottabad city and there is no fking electricity since 4pm ..so whom should we blame? To eff with Nawaz Sharif and his platoon ,bunch of chipmunks are ruling us .. Lahore se bahir bhi pakistan ha zara ao to sehr karwoa.

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^ The amounts of eff you've given to every single politician out there, you should be an expert of it by now :)

If you think we're having 24/7 electricity here, you're sadly mistaken. In the outskirts of Lahore (where I live), we have around 16 hours of load shedding. Tum Lahore ki baat kartay ho, ja kar apnay ilaaqay k logo sey zara yeh tou poocho, kitnay bill adaa kiye hain unho ney. The mentality of KPK people is that they literally own the electricity, and hence are not eligible to pay for it. No wonder its the 2nd highest defaulter, topped only by Sindh.

I'm curious about how PTI is managing this crisis, now that they're in control of PESCO. If there's anyone you should be questioning, its your party whom you voted in power. Though last I heard, they're too busy in TC'ing the Taliban :rolleyes:

Guess that shows you where their priorities truly lie.


Building a Dam takes around 4-5 years on average.. the kalabagh dam would take around 10 years starting from scratch, considering that now everything before it planned is already back to scratch.

even small dams would take around 2-3 years if a skilled chinese company comes and does it, since china has very fast build times for small dams..

There is no petrol in pakistan from natural sources, so there canot be free supply of oil to power companies to make electricity.

PSO is nearly on defaulting every other month due to non payments so imported oil is always on risk between consumer and commercial generation.

Gas electricity generation is now stopped so as to provide gas supply to home users in winter, which is what did happen as our dead gas supplies are atleast able to cook breakfast.

before gas supply was stopped, there was electricity all over pak, as apparent in just previous 3-4 pages of this thread.

Govt is also developing solar parks and wind mill parks to generate electricity which again take a lot of time money and resources to build..

time which requires patience, which probably none of our nationals have.

All of the above problems are ABSOLUTELY not specific to current or any previous govts.. these are naturally existing problems, which are inherent to our country.. so which ever govt comes, or martial law, or we get taken over by another country,. they all will ave the same problems, fixing of which takes time, a LOT Of time...

problem has always been the blame game, that each new gov puts on previous and instead of taking any single step to rectify, they just pass their time and move on.. if for once something is actually STARTING, it would be wise to appreciate a start , since there has been none before..

As for the PM being responsible for supplying each and every home with electricity and fixing their meters himself, and fixing your and my "pankhe ka Switch" and changing "tubelight k starters" , its not a PM job.. blame your local wapda people for that.. if i could, i would bomb our local wapda office, they all deserve it..

and since PESCO is now under KPK ruling, it is beyond the control and regulation of punjab govt and central govt.. KPK MPA and MNA are now responsible for entire management and production and supply management... this is how NPM should have been, finally, it has arrived, hope it stays.,.

and i spend most of my day light out side of lahore in smallest poorest villages, in far away districts from lahore, so i do have Hands on experience of 14 hours to 18 hours loadshedding each and every single day for past 7 years, and especially considering that in a hospital, loadshedding could lead to someone`s death, yet we are still managing it..

PS: i am not affiliated with any party.. i hate them all with equal passion,. all politicians in general...except Mitt Romney and altaf hussain, (they are hilarious :D )

PPS: of all the others i do believe IK is better as a human being than all others, but not vote worthy still, as its still politics..


@KODER jdk appreciating pmln and he should because lahore city under pmln regime has became nearly like dubai, they got metro bus fly over roads specially airport road when you drive there you feel like in Los Angeles driving to LAX, municipal system has approved so much which results a very clean city.. but gas and electric is national crisis whole Pakistan is suffering but PMLN trying their best to keep lahore less suffer than other cities, and also their policy is " LAHORE IS ON PRIORTY"

Good luck lawhore keep investing our tax there, but a day will come when we will stand for nothing but the separation

city of Saints Multan


If you're so butthurt about it, then Shift to Lahore B)


i would definitely like to shift there but problem is then I'll become lawhori which i don't want to be

hahahahaha joking :D


@KODER you and i are the only persons who went to the ground realities these lahorias never been to outside lahore thats why people call them lahoria you won't believe me once I was in lahore and during the evening time i saw too many motorcycles on road first i thought it might some marathon or tour de France but on each motorcycle backseat a woman were sitting some holding babies and some not then i asked one lahoria whats this where they all going is it some kind of festival riding motorcycle with a babe behind today similar to tomato fight in Europe festival then that lahoria said no its not they are going for eating out and its usual here when husband comes back from day work wife take him to that work 80% households don't cook at home in lahore, that day i understand why lahore is famous for food...

i mean eating out is not bad but people do that on special occasions or when you can't manage to cook at home but every day eating outside means people in lahore are much more financially stable than other cities (thanks to natively lahore party pmln)

in general most lahorias don't move out from lahore and according to Pakistan overseas federation statics less than 0.10% of entire lahore population is in abroad countries which is good if they are making bucks easily living there

koder lahore is a country and let me expose what PMLN stands for PARTY MERELY of LAHORE by NAWAZ


People are dying of hunger and youre talking about railways , these brats are ruling us and soon they will suck the last drop from our blood and N league pitus will be defending these SOB till their last breathe.. Save this country.Once visit the places beyond thakot you will bite yourself that is this Pakistan.Move a bit you will get the idea and you will forget you pituism.

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@ mayor and koder.

hi there, do you have thought of a solution? please share your views and proposed solutions, so that your voice is heard and solution could be shared nationally and spread along, so it may one day become a reality..

instead of chucking abuses on each other, your thoughts and solutions to our country wide problems and discrimination would be valuable to all members..i say that in the most most respectful way for a healthy ad positive discussion..


Mayor is absolutely right.Takla League Lahore-based cabinet and its advisers has strengthen the perception that the PML-N is predominantly a central Punjab party. It can be well observed that the PML-N does not seem active on ground in other provinces. The party’s leadership hardly interacts with the provincial leadership and workers in other provinces. The PPP has an edge over the PML-N in this regard as despite being a party which originated in Sindh, the former nominated both its prime ministers from Punjab in the last tenure.I personally dont have any solution for them we are giving them the solution since this thread has started .. now its the time to abuse them as much as one could.They are totally unfair.

No electricity since 4 hours straight.

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