&*^% Power load shedding


Next thing we know, you'll be wishing for Tali's to rule the country :rolleyes:


8 to 2pm today and 7 onwards and still counting.. jdk whats the situation at lions city.

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8-10 hours here as well. But I'm not complaining, at least the weather is cold as #$%# :P

UPS & Angeethi ftw :lol:


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I was the first one in this month who reported about loadshitting ..


Here, take your goddamn medal. :rolleyes:


Haha .. jdk not more colder than Abbottabad mate .. we are literally freezing.

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wel i cn undrstand trublz of technically advanced ashiqs cuz i had bachi once we spnd hurs on phone but dat tim pwr outg wasnt an issue and we had nokia oldag fones which gives 15h mx tlk tim bt now dat bachi has bcame my house maid (wify) :P nw she nt jst only tlks but shi also charge my fone evry nite regularly fur yu i wud recomand buy those batry banks coms in 2000mAh to 4000mAh n prefer brnded original nokia ovr chinies, wit dis u cn gt 2 mximum charges fur fone sakond opshan iz use landlin fone wit some cheep pakgae aktivated if posibal or if u jst prefer audio talk then grab a fone frm previous decade i meen old nokia fones much longer tlk times thx


Thanks man. You solved a big problem for me. With Nokia 1100, now I can talk to bachis all night even while sitting in toilet (just turn on the flash light if it gets too dark in there).


Ustad no gas ,no cng, no electricity ..what the heck is this country upto.. heavy loadshedding seriously

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keep clam and eat peanuts


where are you guys


Jiya bhutto

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fack bhutto


Takla Allah tujay ghark kare

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Today I have gas. and it turns out three compressors have been taken down from three homes within my area. For the past month & spending over 9000Rs during that time on gas+cylinder I know that it was BC Harami scum people, not the taklas... My faith on "jaisey qoom waisay hakim" has strengthened since.

I am sure as hell when you look around near you , you'll find yourself in similar situation that is if you don't already have a compressor. To be honest, I thought of getting a compressor many time but the only thing that stopped me from doing so is that its not right thing to do & not because its illegal. but if I have to live among such scum then fcuk me & my thinking right...? <_<


Drop a nuke on these fothermuckers <_<

'nough said :lol:

I froze my @$$ off when i took a shower in freezing cold water :(

Din mein taaray nazar agaye mujhe :wacko:


how he suppose to drop nukes on targeted locations?


Ever heard of Surgical Strikes :rolleyes: ????


i have an idea how we can kill people P@kis in specific area, yes DRONE you might have heard about amazon prime air recently? those UAVs can carry packages to customers but what if we attach bomb instead and drop at targeted location? i believe we have no aireal regulations or surveillance in low level civil monkeys areas? we will remain out of any trouble..no one will be able to catch operator

check this video below in which person has built drone at home and it can lift midsize watermelon easily...so yeah its possible to make drone at home we can scale it to bit larger size for heavy cargo (caution its Youtube video)


Gas pressure has significantly increased in past 2 days.. its still not good enough, but atleast kitchen can be run and heater atleast turns on.. before that heaters wouldnt turn on, and it took 20 min to make tea n morning.. now even gyser is working with decent hot water form it.. ..

its either the raid on gas compressor users like Faisal said on previous page, which is good news for home users, and it could also be the total CNG shut downs and the cut off supply to industry and gas electricity generator plants..

either way, this govt has taken some serious actions and are following a plan.. it may not be exact delivery on time but its there, and its coming..


My area is still out of gas most of the time. And this is the first time in years since I've seen such acute shortage, atleast in my area.


Rejoice you 'gas' deprived people, for agreement with Qatar for 20 billion/million something amount of gas delivery is nearly done. Hopefully, you will suffer less next winter, if you survive this one that is.