&*^% Power load shedding


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Friggin cold yeeee .. no electrixity,taklay may you burn in hell Sent from my HTC One X+ using Tapatalk


Oh man ... nobody in world beats P@kis when it comes to generosity. I mean you just wished taklas to a place which you need the most specially in this cold which is without electricity/gas ....

Faith in P@kies restored :D


PTI finally shows its true colors


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they failed to unblock road in front of bila house in karachi

and they think well manage pesco


It was a mistake to vote for this joker party. None of these deserve the vote in any capacity <_<


Ye man good news , we are feeling the change :P i myself dont give a flying chick about pti and its Ministers,i like imran khan as a human and i think he is far sensible ,human than any other political son of a gun.I dont feel bad or anything about my vote to him after all everything is under the control of chipmunks who are on controls ..takla bros

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kpk people gonna get free electricity awesome


As if they aren't getting it free already :lol:

2nd highest defaulter of electricity dues/ plus theft. Lets see how does KPK government take care of the dues issue. As long as I don't end up paying for the thieves stealing my electricity, I couldn't care less if they get the entire Pepco distribution & generation power in their hands.


2nd highest defaulter kpk 1st karachi pisss gya punjabi :D


If PTI has its way, then Sindh (governed by PPP) will also ask for transfer of authority for power generation+distribution. See where this is going ? All provinces need to work in unison, not get at each other's throats.

No wonder Kala Bagh is so damn opposed. They don't want the country to become sulf-sufficient in producing cheap electricity. Not only Kala Bagh, we need atleast a dozen more for the next 25 years if we wish to survive in this competitive world.


Sindh govt has actually asked for the authority of power gen+distrib as of today (according to one of today's newpaper...)

Back in '07 I saw a map of the world which showed what the world would be like in 2015 and there was no pakistan (as we know it) on that map... I guess we are on the right track :D


Pakistan is one greatest Muslim country right now it has some troubles but inshallah it will rise up soon and will rule the entire muslim umha and you will see Pakistan in 2020 like this in image below







^ thank you so much


THAT is the ugliest and most impractical map any country could have.. :P

According to that, 70% of the future land of pakistan would have to emerge from under the arabic sea.. perhaps with the recent earthquakes and haarp experiments, maybe we will aquire new land.. :D but ofcourse, LDA would rear its ugly head even there too :(

@topic.. loadshedding has increase by a few hours daily.. also gas pressure is almost 10% most of the day..


Bhaioo... I am gathering coal & wood for burning these days.

"Going stone ages since the stone ages" :D


goood job by Lohari brothers :lol:


I have never seen so much steam while urinating .... its......so...... c...c...ol...d :(

N ow I c an't f ee l ma hhhhan dss.


Taking a leak in cold



not when your room temp. is -1 :(


I was the first one in this month who reported about loadshitting .. aur do taklo kp vote.. i miss zardari.

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