&*^% Power load shedding


Excessive loadshedding is back with the bang,anyone abusing these mofos or its me only.. temperature has dipped below minus mark still these monkeys will do the loadshedding,curious where the fk is this electricity going.

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calm down guys there i guess could be some maintenance going on and power breakdown is temporarily just wait and hope for the best...


They do the maintenance after every one hour gap or what.

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I'm sure its only a temporary thing. Load shedding is almost non-existant these days (atleast in Lahore).

Atleast they're dealing with this problem alot better than those imbeciles of PPP


Now, the problem is that the electricity is not continuous. There are many short outages which make it impossible for a work which require continuous electricity.
Such as the heavy industrial machinery. In my area there are 5min outages after nearly 1 or 1.5hours, which is highly frustrating.


I doubt it has anything to do with GANJAS. Not that I'm defending them or anything, it might have something to do with the transmission lines getting interrupted by Kite flyers, since its now the season of flying kytes. Or it might be a fault with their lines, best course of action would be to lodge a complaint at your respective electric supply company complaint center, they'll let you know if there's load shedding scheduled for your location or not.


Nope no kites here at all. It happens only from 10am to 10pm Strictly, see no kite flying or technical fault is that punctual, other than the one man who controls the grids. He is the cause of all the evil. And these few SOBs all over the pakistan are the most punctual in the History of men.


Well you should register a complaint with their call center and inquire about load shedding schedule.


Takla will make you people happy because kpk didnt vote for them.

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Yeah but kpk decided otherwise right... didn't seem really hard decision then so it shouldn't be hard living with it now for kpk. :)

Personally, I don't bother with any political personality cause all are & represent scum <_<


[quote=“koder, post:2789, topic:2002”]

Takla will make you people happy because kpk didnt vote for them.

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dear brother

i didn’t read in newspapers about any major changes in kpk since those facebook users holding the office although they promised 90 days to tackle the corruption but they failed

i believe people of kpk specially youth voted those fb users for jobs security economic stability etc not for dharnas and jalsa parties

all is same with different faces



Loadshedding has been delayed only and ONLY because of 2 main reasons..

1 - Gas from CNG channels and commercial use was stopped and passed on to gas power generators to produce more electricity for these past 1-2 months leading upto january.


2 - in january there are going to be elections held and to gain political support there was almost non existant loadshedding throughout these months so as to promote their candidates in campaigns in their respective areas..

which will all change soon by end of december

C - The gas supply from power companies is going to be redirected to consumers for home use in winter so there will be zero CNG and much more power shortfall.. as has been notified by ministry of power in early november.. and again earlier this december..

Source : All this has been executed with careful planing and public notifications in both newspapers and TV al this time often as headlines..


Jab load shedding hogi tou dekhi jayegi. Abhi sey ronay pitnay ka kya faida :lol: ?




loadshedding has started in lahore.. 3-4 hours in 24 hours.. a little bit of fluctuations as well, but that is probably due to the moisture and fog.. expected to increase a lot by end of december, probably after this week due to 25 december Quaideazam day..


On sunday there was one plus one hour loadshedding and yesterday there was only 2 hours loadshedding .. takla brothers are busy in maintenance of river system.. i dont believe this crap ,do we have any maintenance stuff in Pakistan

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So it starts ... I just had 1hr of power outage :D

Thankfully I didn't vote so things actually going as per expectation ( were going better then expected before this outage TBH).


BS! maintenances F**k'em.

Now there is no "بتی" from early morning.
i guess people will have to make "بتی" and give it to ganjas.


Faisal .. how is my dinga friend,i hope he isnt having any power outages hehe

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I sure hope so... and God bless him.