Power failure in karachi!

It has been 8 hours now. No light after 5 30 pm. I was just searching on my opera mini. After reading and cheking some news reports it has been reported that there was some fire and then failure of all grid stations and after that all the grid stations failed to restart as it need some power or some bijli to start. And offcourse kesc is in huge mess with wapda so they are not begging them to loan them some electricity. Anyways i don't know when light is coming but i'm really pissed off. Waited at pso pump station near 3talwar 4 50 minutes to get just 10 litres of petrol.

I dont how factorids and industries will run tomorow as thr wil a no light. IMo m.d of kesc should resign immedietly who is getting 25 lakh per month. Shame on kesc.

Due update me with latest news as i dont have any other source to confirm that when will light come to my home.pathatic. Zardari finally kiked us to cave era.

Same here dude, except in my area it went on 7:30 instead of 5:30.

I just hope subha tak light ajaye. :(

^where do you live dude ? I found on twitter there is 100% break down not 95 or 90. Anyways the point is ....well dont know what my point is but we are so used to it..so take off your tshirts, go to roof tops and hav cgrate ane enjoy.

Kesc zindabad....

one conspiracy theory i have heard is that security forces are doing some kind of an operation :P

bijli is out since 6pm onwards. and yes i have also heard that the whole karachi is out. no bijli even in CM house etc..

As per news reports the break down is not only in Karachi but also in many other areas of sindh like Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas

Why in sindh ? :-(

And about operation ? It will never happen without the quid tehreek's aejazat... From london.

Update. Your right. Worldcall down in clifton.

Update 2: shitty mosquitoes attacked bath island.

Update3: not even core comander and i.g sindh has light in bath island . Yohooo.....

According to Geo website, not less than 90% of Karachi is without electricity. Alhamdulillah, our generator is supporting good. Worldcall EVDO is working for me!

[Location: Korangi - near PAF Base Creek]

Another update:

KESC spokesperson Aisha (something) has said, electricity is likely to be restored in 3 hours ("inshaAllah" - she didn't said it, added by me)

Finally the light is back on. Is it back on for you guys? Electricity was restored at 3.15 here in my area..


Bro you must be amongst the few lucky people in Karachi with power, in Korangi and as far as my eyes from rooftop can see its total dark!

puck man bc 4:15AM almost 10 Hours No light in my area Mohd Ali Society

I live in Kda officers society, Behind the national stadium.. we got electricty now after around 8-9 hours.. I thought the whole of karachi got electricity back..

Nopes dude, even the Geo website says in Korangi electricity is restored, but which Korangi, I don't know :( it's still no power here including in my eye sight.

there were some reports BLA or BRA blew the main power line to karachi , or some saying its because the worst management like in power houses one power generator must be on each time like if one power station got 5 production units at least in case of loadshedding one must be always on so it can startup the rest of 4 , today all went off and there was no alternative to start them off again ...

it must be worst case there ..... no loadshedding here btw

Just like alamode we got electricity here at 3:15 am and now it is gone again at 4:55 am.

Oh wow! last night i slept on my rooftop with my fellow macchars (with them having fun with me) hoping that electricity will be back by morning.

And i just woke up right now (due to the beautyfull voice of crows) just to find that its still gone.

Right now i am in my room cursing kesc.

Maybe i should add my entry on www.fmylife.com...

Its almost 12 hours no light, havnt slept whole night :( screw kesc, btw my location is dha phase 2 ext.

Ptcl dsl was up as long as my ups lasted , never checked my world call conn as I had no hopes what so ever from them any way. I hope my blackberry will keep me connected for some time more atleast.

So there are some lucky people in karachi with electricity, enjoy guys who have it now.

damn thats sad , comeon guys sue kesc btw i am not happy about that but last DSL was best ever ! believe me i was touching 300-400 kb on 1MB maybe thats because of less bandwidth consumtion there in Karachi .... so for how long this loadhseding in karachi will continue ? 4-5 days ?

No no not 4-5 days. (Oh pha ji changi changi galan karo), I will sure loose my job (with no up and running computer and internet) if it las this long, or will end up buying expensive genreator on emregency basis or will need to contact some 'rent a generator' service for sure.

So any one was wondering why there is high brain drain in pk ... Ofcourse motivational things like this power outage.

It's 9:00 AM, and the power is STILL NOT back in Defense Phase II yet. It came back for a few minutes in the middle of the night and has not resumed since then. The generator has now been running for 15+ Hours. ****