Postpaid vs Prepaid

What's the difference between the two? (Except for the billing & line rent).

Are there any advantages of Postpaid over prepaid? Like some extra services or something?

Are postpaid packages targeted only for heavy-users like businessmen or corporations?

How can I open a post paid connection? & the Security Deposit stuff?

And does any Mobile operator offer true unlimited EGDE on Postpaid?? (not available on prepaid i believe)..

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And does any Mobile operator offer true unlimited EGDE on Postpaid??


Package: Ufone Postpaid UrEDGE Unlimited Limited/Unlimited: Unlimited Monthly Price: Rs. 500/- Excluding Taxes

Fair use policy does NOT apply on ufone gprs package????


Fair usage policy is only applicable if u have a prepaid package

For postpaid users, it is unlimited

Yah for postpaid its unlimited,and mobilink indigo also offer unlimited but its edge coverage aint available across country, only in isb in one area i found its edge coverage

What about the SMS packages on Ufone Postpaid?

(Bonus SMS package - 500 sms for 50 rs - Ufone-Ufone only; isn't feasible for me. Rest is fine!)

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A lot of points in that article don’t apply to Pakistan. For one postpaid is more expensive than prepaid over here. Also if your mobile is lost you can get it blocked regardless of whether you have a postpaid or prepaid connection. AFAIK you just need the IMEI number that is unique to the mobile phone set and the blocking is done by PTA not the network provider.