Post Friday prayer blasts in Lahore and Nowshera

News still coming in... :mad:

So sad,just watching TV and feeling (dont know what to say) :(

sssssss...another targeted suicide attack..


pakistan has lost another scholar...

what the sh**..

Its so sad.They are bombing our Holy places.Kill these mf

"Prominent anti-Taliban cleric Dr Sarfraz Naeemi was among four killed and 10 injured in a suicide blast inside a mosque in Lahore on Friday."

Poor soul. :(

I don't get it. Why do they target the mosques? Is mosque not a holy place for those towel heads?

They aren't Muslims.They should be hunt down.They are destroying our homeland. :(

Its time for all of us to be united against these sick minds who are killing worshipers and bombing mosques......They are animals of the worst kind.........Havent got the words to describe the acts