Possiable in Any Mobile

hi guys

this is web2sms of ufone link


is this possiable in any mobile ? iphone or rest any

i mean i wanna use web2sms service from my mobile fone. so any of mobile model support this feature ?

why dont you use www.sms4smile.com u can send as many msgs from this site but the problem is u cant get reply at the site the other person can reply u at your phone if u give them ur number:)

Hello Dude,download ucweb,its a web browser for mobiles.Download it from here ----> http://handheld.softpedia.com/get/Internet-Utilities/Browsers/UCWEB-Java-66878.shtml

Then go to www.sms1234.com Happy smsing :) :) ;)

Most of the web to sms sites use java script. So you need sun micro systems java runtime environment to use the feature on your pc. And there is not any software like this for mobile fones. What u can do is to look for non java sms senders then u can use the service on almost any mobile fone with any browser. As far as i've i haven't found any non java thing working. I prefer to use 7rs pkg of telenor. 1 rupee daily is affordable :D

just open www.sms4smile.com form ur mobile through opera..... and send as many msgs u want to any mobile network..... simple and easy and a fsat way to send sms to any network in pak without registration :)


Nokia N series or 5320 will work for sure

open any site from opera ... i think all work form opera mini