Position of Sun on May 28 @ 09:18 GMT

28th May 2010 : The Sun will be exactly above the Kaaba (Makkah, Saudi Arabia)

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On 28th May 2010, the Sun will be exactly above the Baitullah (Makkah, Saudi Arabia) at 12:18 Saudi Arabia Standard time, i.e. 09:18 GMT/UT = 05:18 in Boston, USA and 06:18 in Halifax, Canada etc. At that time, the Sun will be visible in many Eastern cities/towns of USA and Canada (e.g. Boston, USA and Halifax, Canada). Hence by observing the Sun at that particular time, one can locate the exact direction of Qiblah for that place.

Mr. Muhammad Sultan Alam, Head of Research Committee, Astronomy Department, Jamia-tur-Rasheed, Karachi requesting to the people interested to be sure of the exact dierection of Qibla in USA and Canada said "As many people claim that Qiblah Direction from USA and Canada is SE not NE, therefore, to clarify the misunderstanding and to find the exact direction of Qibla (Holy Kaaba), I request to the people living in USA and Canada that if anyone could send his observation after personally observing the Sun at that time on 28th May?"

"I shall save your observation with your name in the record to inform those who refute the correct Qiblah direction for North America." he added.

He could be contacted for further details at : sultanalam_74@yahoo.com