Portforward on ZTE 831 modem

Hi all,

I want to allow remote connection to my services running on local computer. I have tried to portforward in my dsl router web interface but still can't access service remotely.

My service is running on local address. I have configured special port xxxx to be forward to yyyy on local address but cann't access this service at xxxx from remote server. If any one is using portfarword on ZTE box pls. let me know.

my modem Firmware Version ZXDSL 831IIV7.5.0a_E09_OV

ISP: PTCL broadband



I have never attempted what you are describing but I have forwarded my ports for NAT traversal for Bittorrents so I will list that procedure.

I am assuming you have assigned a static IP of to your local computer and your internet is working fine from that computer.

I am assuming you have your local computer directly connected to the dsl modem.

I your modem setting page, go to "Advanced" and "NAT". "Virtual Server" should be selected by default. Click "Add"

Select "Customized Service"

Give it a suitable name.

Select desired protocol TCP or UDP or both

Define the ports to be forwarded in the "External Port" add specific port or a range of ports like 30200:30300

Add the same port or port range above in the "Internal Port"

In the "internal Server IP" add your local computer IP

Now your ports are forwarded to the local computer. if you have a torrent client you can check this quite easily. Use the forwarded port or port range to run services on the local PC.

I do not know the settings you need to do on the client side in order to run a service on your local machine as I have never done it myself but you ports are forwarded so any problem now must be on the client side or permissions required on local computer to allow a service to be run from a remote location.

if u want to remote access ur PC u can use teamviewer which has a great nd easy UI, and u can transfer files etc. from the host comp and control it remotely and u dont hv to forward any ports or anything for that matter to use it, nd most importantly it is free!! get it from www.teamviewer.com

a.o.a all,

thanks for teamviewer but i don't need remote desktop sharing. I am running some thing like webserver on localserver & then want to access this web sever remotely.

Does anybody tried PTCL DSL to use other than ZTE DSL modem. I have very sofisticated modem with built-in router & WLAN, DynDNS client (FRITZBOX), I am trying to use this but I don't get any DSL signal in my FrizBox. I have made special cable for fritz box. Phone line works through fritzbox, but dsl does not till yet. I don't know if DSL used in pakistan is of similar standard as provided in europe. I will be interested to know if some one is using any non-PTCL provided modem & is it working fine.