Pop Singer Michael Jackson Died :(

The king of pop music Michael Jackson has died. Sky news, Los Angeles Times and tmz.com just confirmed this that he has passed away. He was taken to hospital because of cardiac attack and sources says that he was not breathing at the time of his arrival to hospital.

Yes, it seems he has died but GEO reported stuff wayyy off than how it should have been and that's why I HATE GEO. Anyway, it's a sad news. Like him or not, he was an icon indeed! This is BIG and sad news!


First i watched the news on geo, they reported micheal jackson died around 4am pst when dmz.com reported his death. They were broadcasting like it was there story. I was really angry the way they were reporting. Cnn ,bbc were not confirming his death because it was only a dmz.com report. But our complete media reported his death so early when it wasnt even confirmed. Anyways being a fan of him from child hood it was very shocking and painfull to me. I was praying to God when media reported he was in comma, my friend bought the ticket of his london show and he had to reach on 3rd july, but i guess he is too in shock now.

I was having a chat with my friend last night and he was too happy to get a ticket and then he was telling me how he will be officially announcing conversation to islam after his london show, but it was really a painfull mooment that he couldnt perform his last stage performance.

May God rest his soul.

His fans must be in great grief after his death. All i can say is pray for his soul.


May God bless his soul