Poll: Should WiredPakistan be upgraded to another forum software?

I posted this to "Suggestions for forum" topic. there someone said me to open poll so i did it here

Poll: Should WiredPK be upgraded to vBulletin, phpBB3, IPB?


1. Yes to vBulletin

2. Yes to phpBB3

3. Yes to IPB

4. No FluxBB is fine. (No changes)

WiredPakistan is powered by FluxBB script, which lacks many important features. i would recommend to upgrade wiredPK to

vBulletin or phpBB 3 or IPB

FluxBB does not provide full control to forum. and has very less features. vBulletin is best but if u want free software then phpbb3 is great.

To convert FluxBB to another forum software you can contact me.

Here is a little comparision: http://www.forum-software.org/forum-com … -vbulletin

When you want to poll you don't need to tell whats right and whats wrong. you should only give comparison .

I vote NO!

The forum has everything neatly arranged and moreover, everything is simple and easy to use.. I like Wired PK the way it is, with FluxBB

vBulletin ... More features .. Cooler designs !!

plus everything needs a change , isnt it?

No, FluxBB is fine. Its simple and loads on my slow internet.

Yea', except WP.. its perfect and straight forward...........


I am sure you were advised to put your suggestion in the Suggestions Thread.

OP, your comments and concerns were noted. There's no need for this poll. We have deliberated over this and had decided to stick to FluxBB for now for WP.

Also you have 10 posts so far, not that its a bad thing, but you need to at least be a regular contributing member so that your opinions and suggestions can be taken more seriously by members and mods alike.

Closing thread.... again.