PM Pakistan ordered PTA to Block Youtube

I wonder everybody is objecting (this blockage is not for deen for sure but at least they are trying to do so for politics or youtube is not giving shares to Zardari) on this act but no body is giving actual solution?

It seems like let them do whatever they want to do... was it possible back in time?

On another note, just try to make an documentary on holocaust and upload it on Facebook or Youtube :)

Burayee ko dil mai bura jan'na is the lowest level of Eeman and we are not even doing so......

login using your google account. all videos work on https.

Me no understanded. India and Indonesia, both of which have women riding bicycles and scooters, were able to persuade Google to block the video to those countries. PM Oscar de la Rental just did this to posture, as do they all. If the SC and PM is raazi, what will do Qazi Google? He will c-block the video to this payvarplace. But that ain't no drama, and Jaanu German wants to show off skillz in front of all yawl. I'd link to the clip, but you know.

Are we doing shadow boxing?

Let me give you few things to do if you are so sincere with your prophet.

1. Block NATO Supply. :D

2. Block oil exports to America and supporters of this movie. :D

3. All muslims who are residing in America and countries like Denmark etc (who support such blashmeny) should come back if they think that these countries are not sincere in punishing the director and cast. :D

4. Gather people to make a million march towards American Embassy in Islamabad to crush the monsters or to throw them out of Pakistan. :D

5. I have many other points for such faithful muslims which I can share later.

Now let me tell you faithful beleivers that you people will not do any such thing because in this way you will get your asses hurt. Dear muslim bros and sisters you people are truely hypocrites and you should have some "real-hardcore-ghairat" instead of this "soft-core ghairait" by just blocking the websites.

oh my good lord!! those fkers blocked youtube!!!!!! god damit with the hell is wrong with these people. what the hell. die you all crazy freaks. die! i cant believe this god damn nation is still so effed up whilst living in 21st century. how the FK they are doing a service to islam by spreading banning youtube? every god damn year there is a movie and every god damn year these sub-humans start their same old shitty protest destroying everything in sight.

Its a good move by PTA <_<

I guess people in general are psycho...a general scenario at youtube comments

A sends hate

B replys with hate

A replys hate for B's hate

B replys hate for A's other hate

...... :angry:

...... <_<

...... :mellow:

...... :huh: oh we need to do our homework

...... Ends session

C, and D comes, picks the conversation and spreads the hate throughout the whole world.

BTW, I was wondering why the Muslim people around he world havent killed the guy who burned the Quran, or at least cut all ties with Pakistan..........

^ DId anybody even bother watching it what the fuss was all about ?

I mean most were stupid enough to watch it to get so much pissed off. Might as well get the real deal as to what the #$%# was it all about ?

very few people (30-50) people have actually watched this movie in America......but everyone have watched the clips of the movie at youtube........

The whole thing is a mystery as the guy who made it used different names and used an Israeli's name as director for the movie.......

The actors didnt feel right about the movie and it was clearly dubbed.........


-Who is this guy?

-What was his motivation?

-Are Republicans involved to throw Obama off the elections?

-Was it the Coptic Christians who wants to create some sort of attempt to take Mursi out?

I guess we will never know...........

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Guys, I’ve found a solution. You should be able to open it via:[/quote]

Har gayee inteha pasandi, jeet gayee common sense :D

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Hor choppo

I can confirm that it works. :) That’s what happens when retards block sites. :P

Not working lol

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^ I've another fool proof method to make it work. In fact every single thing will open without a single problem. PM me your email id's. I'll send u the details :P

The guy who made the movie is only a troll. A bad but a very successful troll.


Change the word from the topic "PM".That marasi sofb

^ Nobody's interested in knowing alternate ways to bypass the block :huh:

I guess I'll keep enjoying myself then :lol:

I wonder no one knows about hotspot in this tech forum ? :unsure:

I know few molviz who are gayz. You can say we made some type of "chaapa".

Anyway to report them or block them?


i already have a vpn software with ultimate package that changes my ip :) so i can use that to open utube

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A tweet I saw an hour ago.

The film went from only 77 views last week to 4 m views on Sat, 9m today.

I didn't watch it & I'll never watch it. Why people are dying to see this crap?

WTF? Now they've ALSO blocked Android Market (Google Play), Google+ and !!!

Result of ignorance by some PTA employee or something else? :S

yeah! why google play???