Plz give me rid of this USb issuE


whenever i plug any USb device in my computer then it shows like this...



what to do how to get rid of this.. how to select HIGH SPEED PORT



you switch USB modes via BIOS settings. press delete button when starting computer to enter BIOS. but i wouldnt mess in there if i dont know what i was doing


normally the HI-speed USB mode is selected by default. Hi-speed USB ports or USB2.0 ports are backward compatible, that is, if you connect an earlier USB device, it'd happily operate at USB1.0 speeds.

Now if you connect a USB device (say flash drive for example) that is USB2.0 compatible, and ur OS detects that ur PC doesn't support USB2.0, or your PC has got a USB2.0 port but you are connecting the device to a USB1.0 port tehn you'll get an msg like the one in ur image in first post.

you must check asus' site to see if P4V533MX has got any USB2.0 ports or not (all of the newer motherboards have USB2.0 ports as its a standard these days anyway)

if you are sure ur MoBo has USB2.0 support, then you might want to search for other options like installing/updating ur motherboard INF files etc


Simple man ur mobo doesnt hav a usb 2.0 port which is faster than usb 1.0

i also used to get the same when i conected flash drives on my old pI!I

get a new mobo


Is there any device or card which may fix in PC to avail usb 2.0 port for ur all usb 2.0 support devices?


Yep, I get that error on my old laptop as well which has the older USB 1.0 ports. It will still work but the speed will be much slower while tranfering data. It might take 2 or 3 mins extra so just ignore it if you don't want to spend any money.


Yes mfa usb cards are available in market which fit in pci slots


probably you put that device in front usb connectors


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probably you put that device in front usb connectors

yes saad is correct, try putting it in the back panel usb ports, i use to get this error when i plug my flash drive, scanner into the front ports.


yes I am also facing this problem although my motherboard has USB 2.0 port but when I connect USB device into it , its says "THIS DEVICE CAN PERFORM FASTER"

see image of my USB port:-



is it service pack 1 or 2 of XP??? and is ur mobos intel 845 series???


On a related note, USB 3.0 is coming next year with speed of up to 5 Gbits/sec.


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is it service pack 1 or 2 of XP??? and is ur mobos intel 845 series???

it is SP2 and intel 845 series gigabyte