Please understand: Discussions VS Arguments

^ Good wikileaks

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Look at it and judge yourself if it is arguing or discussion. Now, everyone should stop being so ridiculous:

Now, judge the intel of IconSourcing.

Few of the posts in this thread are from the extremely jealous people


My Dear Friend, In reply if I try to prove you wrong & if i start giving reasons why I thought that your that post was not any help of the OP, at the end what we are going to achieve, nothing, there will be not exchange of information but it will start a never ending argument. Thats what the difference between an argument and a discussion.

I dont mind if you carry on thinking that I was wrong in that post.

Ok, let me announce here: noclue was so much helpful there in that post, and my post was a total crap. Happy dear?

Cheers now and let move on :)

^ noclue ? Neoclue*



How great to see smiles all around. Isnt it much better then trying to prove who was wrong.

Here is a contribution from my end, Keep Smiling ... :)