Please help

hi i am new to i need some help please:

i am using link dot net 512 kbps connection and sharing this connection between my pc and laptop now problem is loadshedding when electricity goes off the splitter/lan device goes off too now i am looking for help like if i want to continue working on laptop without switching cables like is there any aplitter which works without electricity?

i have ups but i have changed its battery twice in a single year so tired of it alot :)

i will be very thankful for your help

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Keep using UPS.

ahan but i had that i am tired of changing batteries for it after every 2-3 months is there any chargable network hub ? ;)

I wonder which UPS you are using, because just running a router or a hub (not switch) doesn't take more than 12~15 volts and smallest UPS available that gives a run time of 15~30 minutes to whole PC (I mean CPU + Monitor) should run a tiny router / hub not less than 2 to 3 hours minimum.

There is one thing you can try, I mean a kind of jugar, note the ampheres of the batteries installed in your UPS and in case it matches with the ones available for cars then get a used car battery and attach it with UPS. These batteries usually heavy duty and have a longer life than dry-battery cells.

Hope it helps but do not curse me if this idea fails :) -- afterall it is just a idea not an assurance.

lol sure i will try that .but i used ups to run my pc too ;)