Playstation2 for sale

playstation 2 unit.


2 controllers, 1 original 1 well the shops say its original but in my eyes its not.

1 brand new memory card! BRAND NEW so full charges.

all boxes and cds. as i was stupid enough to get happy for online gaming, until it slapped me that my ps2 is not original. lol who needs cd for online setup but its in the box.

Price: 6k. umm negotiable :/


bought it in August end last year and it celebrated its 1st year bday stored in the box. i have not used it after like January. no good games so what can i do. just used it when my cousins came for 3 days. played gta san, nfs mw and tekken 5. they worked without any hiccup. i am ultra sure its been used for less than 700 hours for sure. i have hardly used it and its in ultra good condition.

the games i have:

tekken 5, test drive unlimited, nfs mw (my fav), formula one (i never touched it swear), gta san andreas, nfs pro street, resident evil 4 (a22 kikng game), silent hill, gow 2 (very good game), black (i still haven't finished it.. boring), gt4(most played game!!!), obscure the aftermath(nice lil game), nfs carbon (the crappiest game in the world), manhunt 2( there goes the head :P), hp ootp, alone in the dark, ghost recon, cod 3.

about games:

ghost recon never worked on it. all the games work like butter on it. nfs mw, gta san andreas and re4 were never finished on this ps2 i had the fat one before i played these on that. all the games i mentioned works on this unit and i am sure i haven't used it more than 700 hours.


original controllers left analog sticky broke in less than i month. i took it to the shop and they didn't gave a #$%#. i was really angry :@. felt like banging them there flat. i was playing cod3 while this happened. now its up to you to think how someone will behave with their belonging. i treated it like like something really close to me so it wasn't my fault. all of it except the left analog works perfecto. the other one has weird problem with wire. i taped it and it works flawlessly.

please don't say that you want it in parts. like one of you says please give the adapter and other says take the lens out and sell it and one asks for mem card. please don't make a fool out of yourself like this cuz i will not. if you want to see pictures please tell me here.

number: 5772017. only for Lahoris. sorry :D

just asking if you call carbon crap then what do you call prostreet?

oh yeah well lesscrap :P .like carbon in its genre is the baddest while pro street is normal.

we btw aren't talking on nfs games here.

cheeee....u r sayin carbon creepy n porstreet normal......biggest joke of the year......never seen a worst game than prostreet......kick prostreet out of this world

kick carbon out of the universe then. i said you its about the buying the damn ps2 .

Is the PS2 still available for sale? If yes, can you upload its pictures please.

he is banned :S

ha i am here. i am faster than you in responding. exe i hate you if you know... :P

not the best images... was in hurry. the mem card is not for sale. its original Japanese, been with me and in use for 4 years... coming from fat ps2 to slim. and tell me how or in which angle you wanna see pics! ...



is it modded