Planning to buy an inverter/UPS

I am located in Karachi and am planning to buy a UPS/Inverter for my house. I need to power about 5 fans and up to 10 energy savers (18W) for 3-4 hours. The market is flooded with several UPS/Inverters and I am left a bit confused. Am planning to go with Systek with their 1.3KVA model with two 100amp wet batteries.

And yes, will I be able to run my 37" Sony LCD with 1.3kva?

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

I recommend you HOMAGE Invert 2KVA + 2 batteries..

2KVA USP is around 10000/- inlcuding 1 year warranty

batteries 6000+6000 = 12000

U can run 40" LCD + 6 FANS + 8 energy savers at same time..

tested and working at my home and Office.