PKHosting Service, Free Accounts for First Month, 5GB Space, 100GB B/W



Finlay We have Started Enterprise level Hosting Solutions.

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Jumping into the Market with Exciting and Ever Best Packages.

We are in Our Beta Stage right now

and Just Lauching our Service.

Free Package for One Month

Quota (MB) 5120

Bandwidth (MB) 102400

Max FTP Accounts 5

Max Email Accounts 20

Max Email Lists 20

Max Databases 5

Max Sub Domains 5

Max Parked Domains 5

to get your free test accoutn now,

send an email at

and we will setup an account for you

Notes :

Before Requesting point Your Domain / Subdomain nameservers to

if You want something like

you can also request it via email.

FAQs :

What is Your Website address ?

We have not still decided a name.

Do You allow warez linking ?

Yes we allow warez linking.

Do you allow warez hosting ?

No we do not allow actual files to be hosted on our servers.

Do you allow adult content?

Yes we do allow adult content as it is not illegal. (Pirated or child porn)

Do you allow irc scripts?

No we do not allow any sort of irc services.

Do you allow torrent services?

No we do not allow any sort of torrent services included torrentflux , seeds scripts etc.

Do you Allow RapidLeech ?

Yes we do allow Rapidleech but it should not be public it should be in password protected directories.

Do you allow php / cgi proxy scripts?

We allow proxy script but only for personal use , not for public access as they take much resources of system. It should be in password protected directories.

Do you Resell service or you have your own servers?

We have our Owen servers.

How Secure is my Data?

Our Servers are setup to auto backup in every 24 hours. BUT Remember. Till we are in beta stage There is No Guarantee of DATA, make Regular backups of your data.

How Much Time I will be getting Free services?

We are still not ready to launch our service. It may take more than 1 month, maybe three months. But while we are in beta stage Your Service is fully free.

Do You Have ffmpeg , mencoder installed ?

We have But we have not it for Public Access . Mean This feature is still not ready.

Just applied , for testing

Got your mail , replying you soon.

wow fast response , Got my details With in two minute . thats good , Cpanel is Working like Charm , apache 2.2.1 and php 5.2.8 , perl allowed

i will post more info soon

Feel free to Contact in case of any support.

can i have the one :D

Sure, follow the procedure



What will be the final package details?

Specifically if you could please tell:

The CPU and RAM and php limits.

Is SSH available?

Thanks for the account.

At the Moment there is No restrictions no Cpu Limits ( and Hopefully not will be in Future )

We are Allowing Free access to RAM and CPU / however if we see and 90% usage of Processer for more than 2 Minutes, in those cases we may warn you.

And About plan

The Above Plan may cost around 400-500 pkr months with More Mysql Databases and More Sub domains.

And the Most Important thing We will allow Add-on domains mean You can host more websites in In 1 Account

But These Prices are roughly calculated maybe we can More Big Plan on More Low Price

What payment method and payment period will you offer? And SSH?

We can Do SSh tasks for You What You will say , but at the Time No SSH access can be Offer and You can Enjoy our Beta Account Upto 1 Month you will get same Support for the Paid and If you Wanna pay Then It can be Done Via Money Order or bank Transfer

*We Will Offer Jail SSH access to our PAID accounts

i guess there is a big prob

the server is not allowing user to access files like


Thanks for your feedback, let us check the issue, can u plz provide the link where you are having problem ?

Everything is working fine, here is test url for you to check

Still Providing Accounts

Started testing today, and so far its really nice. If things keep going this smooth, and packages are nice, I will definitely get the paid one as my current account is $3.95 with same specs, just the email, ftp and database limits are higher.