.PK domain registrations



If I register a domain .com.pk with PKNIC, Will I get a domain registration only? How will then I get Webhosting for that domain? I wanna get it from Pakistan through PayPal? Unverified account?


Hosting is easy business. A guy here for giving it for free ! some Panel.com was his ID.

There are other free hosts too..

I am not sure if you can do transaction though unverified PP account


Well I need a good paid host.


I am linked with hawkhost.com !

But I would suggest you go for any Pk host. There is a young chap here on WP who just launched his company and I think you should give him a try. Seems reasonable


don't go for this young chap in just looking for cheap host, there should be no compromise on website load time and down time.


What kind of a website are you interested in hosting? If it is nothing illegal then you might want to give Pak Servers a shot!

If you have any concerns/questions fire away!