Petition for Restoration of The "Dot"

I know that it is very important to keep forum software updated. Many thanks for admin and mods for their continues efforts. However recent changes made to forums had made our beloved The Dot disappear.

I am creating this thread for petition for the Restoration of The Dot to its previous glorious position. This "coup" to remove The Dot from its position is jeopardizing the lives of common Wiredians.

I request all members of this forums to pledge for this petition.

If you agree with this petition then please leave your message or at least signature.

:P ڈاٹ کی بھالی تک تحریک جاری رہے گی۔


By the way, is it possible to edit some configuration file or some source file to restore that functionality? After all this is a tech forum. We can help in this matter. :)


P.S. Please keep this thread "clean" so that mods won't close it. :P

We want DOT

We want DOT :P

Yeah bring it back please.