Personal Life Insurance

Hello guys,

I'm looking for a reasonable Term Life Insurance Policy.

Anybody on this forum, who already has the one can share his/her experience OR can recommend something!!

From Statelife, EFU and New Jubilee which one is offering the best product?

Thanks in advance.

hi haal, i know someone in EFU life insurance. if you are interested, i can ask her to contact you. i would recommend you the Islamic Insurance (Takaful) product being offered by few Takaful companies in Pakistan but iam not sure f they have started Life Takaful or not yet.

Thanks ali83.

Before entering into formal contact with any company, I would request the readers of this forum to share their experiences with EFU, NJI (New Jubilee Insurance) and SL (statelife).

Takaful products, let me look into it.