Pentium III Machine for Sale

hi guys, i have a Pentium III Machine with monitor. the spec are as follow:

Genuine Intel Pentium III 933MHz processor

Dell Desktop (White) Casing.


17GB HDD (not sure about brand,may b seagate)


1.44" Floppy

Monitor 14" white Philips.

m Asking 3000/= (Negotiable)

Reason for selling: Upgrade.

Contact: 0323-2969580 (Khurram) or 0334-3470644 (azfar)

give it to your younger brother

so he will not bother you.... anymore... :P

@ Shoukat : mate thnkx for advice, but refrain from posting such msgs.


yar my best advice would be that sale it to some netcafe....

nowdays every gama maja has p4 and people dont even like to think about p3s

frnd definately ppl are not using p3 these days. however majority of ppl have downloading rigs based on p3.

use that as server

Auction it

Don't spoil the thread. Post only if you are interested in the deal.