Pentium 3 and Pentium 4 and AMD K8 Systems For Sale


AMD Athlon Machine

*Amd Athlon 3000+

*ASUS A8v Motherboard

*256MB DDR 400Mhz kingston

*Ati 9250 128MB AGP card On AGP 8x Slot

*40Gb Western Digital Harddrive

*Tower Casing, DVD ROM and LAN card

PRICE: 8500

Pentium 4 Machine

*Intel Pentium 4 1.6Ghz

*Intel D850mv Motherboard(dual channel RD RAM)

*Kingston 2*256MB RD RAM(800Mhz With heat spreader)

*16mb Nvidia Riva TNT AGP card on AGP 8x Slot

*No Hard Drive

*Tower Casing, CD ROm and LAN card

PRICE: 5200

Pentium 3 Machine

* Intel Pentium 3 1.3Ghz Processor(Original tualatin core)

*Intel 810E Chipset Motherboard


*6Gb harddrive

*Tower Casing, CD Rom and LAN card

PRICE: 3200

Super Low Prices, Used in a Software based Router Test Environment, Selling out due to upgradation

Contact: 03212044768