PEMRA Stops issuing STV licences

Here's the link to PEMRA site:

Its written that "The Authority has stopped the issuance of any more Satellite TV license till market demand & supply of specific fields of Satellite TV channel through market study is determined."

Thank goodness that's taken place! From what I see, practically one in two channels is a news channel - or maybe even a higher ratio.

And just exactly which news channels do people watch? (Pakistani news channels, that is) I'd say Dawn, Geo, Aaj, Samaa, ARY, Express (both English and Urdu, though English is probably watched much less). Dunya has started picking pace - the rest appear as if they're run by amateurs.

As far as entertainment channels are concerned, no new television channel is bringing in something new. We've already got a saturated market, and these stations want to saturate it even more. Can anyone please tell me the point of Rung TV, for instance?

One unique idea I'd say was that TV channel on property (was it called "Value TV"?). Not sure how the channel is going or what comes on it, but it's definitely a niche. The rest - a mere bombardment of a saturated market so that everyone's a loser (including themselves).

what stv mean sex tele vision?

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what stv mean sex tele vision?

oh my

STV = satellite TV

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what stv mean sex tele vision?

Seems you think in only one direction :)

When did Pemra give away sex television licences? :lol: Did they?I wonder!

I am with u guys. Finally Pemra have taken this step. Lately soooooo many crappy channels bombardment in Pakistan hasn't contributed anything good rather they are on a mission of destroying our heritage and culture. We were better off with indus, simple ary and geo and few other in the early days of private channels revolution. Pemra should've made some standards for upcoming channels and one thing for whcih they are working really is the "content control and standards" is shameful that they have done nothing in this regard. They are only good at stopping english channels but they haven't done anything to control the content on current pakistani channels, that's pathetic.

What government did with car leasing and crowded small roads with sooooooo many cars with no PlanB in mind, same is the case here guys. They only do something when it's getting out of their hands as soon as they realize. No PlanB in mind before executing any project has been our demise in the past and still will be.

i think all indian channels should bann and let unblock all Adult and Sex televisions Pakistan

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i also want to get rid these dramas channel. our cable operator are showing not one but 2 star plus and alot of dramas channel no star movies or star world

they need to clean this crap

I think they should ban News channels only. We dont need any more of them.