PC Specification

I want to buy branded pc in a day or two. What should be the specification? My budget is 12000 Rs.

you will get a P3 (or maybe P4 though i am not sure) so called reconditioned PC from dell etc in that amount, are you looking to buy those?

Without the monitor u can easily get a P4 HT 3 Ghz with 512MB RAM and 80 GB hard disk for arnd 10-11.

You can check the following site for a price reference but they are overpriced a bit.


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I want to buy branded pc in a day or two. What should be the specification? My budget is 12000 Rs.

Currently, I am using pIII. So monitor, keyboard and mouse are not required. Main unit with atleast 2GB Ram is required. I am asking because weather to buy 3.0ghz ht

processor or e2160 core due processor and which motherboard is better gx 270 or gx 280 or something other than it. I am not a gamer person. I want to run gns3 software for ccie lab preparation and this software is very processor and ram intensive. My budget may arise 1000 to 2000 but no more than that.

To SaadIbrahim question, yes i am looking for refurbished dell tower computer. You can not buy computer from day to day. I am asking because my be i am missing something.

You can easily get a p4 3.2GHz system in this range just visit the market.

Go for atleast 3.2ht, 80gb, 512mb ram etc coz it's in your range. and yes visit galaxy used pc section for an idea.

as Baber Kamal said, you can get easily p4 in 12000 and one more thing, there are two types of branded pc's, tower and desktop. always go for the tower. tower is a little costly than desktop but you can easily get it under 12000

Yesterday, I went to local market to get following information. It's dell tower.

Processor 3.0GHZ intel


Motherboard GX 280

Hard Disk 80GB


The price of above pc is 14,900.

I also went to glaxy but they are not selling used pc. So I got specification of the new pc which is:

Processor Inter E2180-->6000

Motherboard Asus p5gc-->3600

Ram IGB-->1350

Hard Disk-->3950

DVD Writer-->2400


Today, I am going to buy the pc.

My Recommendation

Brand: Dell

Type: Preferably Tower but desktop will do as well

CPU: 3.2 HT



DVD Writer

VGA:64MB (preferably above 64MB)

u can easily get a old branded one in that budget

get a dell one cuz they r ussually in better condition..

chk this link ull get a good idea for the prices


Normally u can get Dell Gx 270 with 40 gb hard, 512 mb ram , 3.0 Ghz processor , dvd writer with 17" flat screen moniter near 13000