PC Protection Combo?

What according to you is the best combination of anti-virus+firewall for any PC?

I think this is the good+free one!

AVG free edition+Comodo firewall

What do you say?

been using Nod32 plus Comodo Firewall working fine so far

I found the best combination so far VScan(uptodate) + ZoneAlarm

and then VScan + Comodo (but comodo I think takes a lot of attention)

I used Comodo probably 6 or 7 months ago just to test what it gives. then just switched back to ZoneAlarm.

I am just using AVG 8 Full edition as single on ma laptop. it's good being with an anti-virus and with less attention to it.

^just disable defense+ is comodo and comodo won't require that much "attention"

symantec endpoint protection.......it provides complete security against virus,spyware, adware, network threats, spams, and provides firewall...

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^just disable defense+ is comodo and comodo won’t require that much “attention”

yes I know saad. by “attention” I didn’t mean that I have to tell it every thing i would like to… in that way. :) but I experienced, that without defense+ comodo is some what less than what it should be being a firewall. after some days I just thought to leave it and get back to ZAP

but I would really not recommend ZAP to all kind of users.

may be comodo would be great in newer versions. I’ll check that again.

^well defense+ just protects from unwanted softwares its not related to firewall at all

^I really mean it. so i said. when I used it, only the defence+ was in it that was use full. not the firewall at all.

well I think defense+ is a great tool provided by comodo....it annoys you when every program starts for the first time....after that, it does not pop-up again...

I m using it for the first time...have never used any firewall software like ZoneAlarm....wat do u guyz say about ZoneAlarm?

^^ what kind of Computer surfers|uesrs should have firewalls and antivirus apps? ^^

i m using pctools AV + pctools FW (Freeware from pctools.com) and found it better let me try comodo.

Best ever Nod32/Avast+Spyware Blaster