Pc hangs

Hello everyone

I have a problem with my pc that when i click on "my computer"icon the pc freezes searching light appears and the only option is with me Alt+Ctrl+Del.

Anyone know please help.

Thnx in advance

Which Windows are you using?

Do you have permanently mapped network drives?

Is there any CD/DVD in your optical drive?

Is USB Flash attached to computer?

Did you tried running "ChkDsk /R" on all of your HDD's partitions?

For example:

chkdsk /r C:

Similarly, one-by-one run chkdsk on all of your drives by replacing C: with all drives (D:, E:, F: etc.) in your computer.

If problem persist then reply here with details of your computer.


By the way, if it is too difficult for you to understand what I have wrote above then go to the nearest computer shop and give the guy in shop Rs. 200 and ask him to repair the problem.