Pc gets hanged

I have a big prblam.....

Few days back my pc started 2 hang again and again.... I have installed new windows xp and its original....nw the prblm is dat when ever windows icon comes after switching on my pc a black screen comes and pc restarts....or switches of....and if i works it again gets hanged... Im in a big tension.... What to do?

Windows worked once but again it restarts itself

You are having BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death). Do following:

Control Panel --> System --> Advanced --> Startup and Recovery Settings button --> Uncheck "Automatically Restart". Click OK buttons to close everything.

If you do not get to Windows to do above steps then press F8 (hit many times) after BIOS ends and before Windows starts. It will give you Boot Menu. You'll see an option "Disable Automatic Restart". Select it and press Enter.

When you get BSOD, get all details and write here.

By the way, I suspect faulty RAM, bad sectors in HDD or overheating of Processor. Viruses or missing/faulty drivers could also be cause of this too.

I disabled vga cards etc...and it did not hang but now there is another problem i think processer's leed is lose and hard disk not working...

Boot failure system halted

Which Power supply are you using?

/\ i use it directly

Check CPU Fan if its working or not. Overheating CPU may force it to shutdown or reboot.

Possible cause could maybe the over-heating or that your power supply's rating is below that of required rating

Heat Issue ?

I dnt know what is the real prblem,now continuesly boot failure occurs,i think wires are lose?

Boot failure means "no bootable media" is available. Try changing IDE/SATA cables.