Paypal Launched in Pakistan!

finally paypal launched its service in pakistan !!


any body else got email from paypal regarding that ???


Ohhh my God. Its like dream come true... Just registered my paypal account. Thanks Xain :P

now i was wondering how to add bank accounts to paypal account as they were demanding some branch code stuff .... did you entered that ???

Nah .. I just skipped. I will sure visit my bank tomorrow to get my branch code, Well I neve cared about those branch codes I guess I will have too now as Paypal is here. :D

April Fool's is neither an Islamic tradition nor a civilized one.

I highly suspect that. Sorry, but if it's April Fool trick then I find it a cheap "joke".

chill dude ^ Just messing :P

LOL! nice!!

yeah now the banks have started giving IBAN to their customers and tht advanced quality checks which have some messy codes at the bottom....

i knew it already that paypal is gona start soon cuz all the banking structure of pakistan was upgraded..

That waz just an april fool joke :D...i cant c Pakistan listed in the countries....c ur self :D nice photoshop stuff by xain u can see the country is shown as Cyprus on the top right corner while on the left top corner its written as PayPal Pakistan..lOwLx...